Downforce Dynamic Facebook

Display your Dealer's Live Inventory to shoppers across Facebook's entire Ad Network.

Downforce Dynamic Facebook Ads display your dealer's actual vehicles to in-market shoppers.

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VDP Views

Downforce Dynamic Ads display your dealer's actual inventory to Lower Funnel In-Market Shoppers.

Most importantly, all clicks go directly to the VDP's on your website

Downforce ROI

ROI for Downforce Dynamic Ads can be much better than static ads.  Why? Because of Digital Downforce's targeted approach.

We display an actual vehicle in stock, not a generic image to an interested shopper.

Downforce Reporting

Digital Downforce provides reporting on vehicle clicks down to the VIN level. You can even see how many clicks occurred on vehicles according to their status (current, pending, sold)

We even have a report showing where the customer is at in the sales funnel.


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