Digital Downforce

Created by Automotive Internet Experts in 2016 


Our digital journey began in 2005 when automotive dealerships began to shift into the digital age. We’ve been at this a long time and have seen technology change quickly. Our experience working with dealer internet teams nationwide has allowed us to develop a proven digital process from the best practices among many dealerships with strong, consistent, double-digit closing ratios. 

If you are tired of seeing extensive 180 days follow up process schedules that are written by people that have no idea what goes on in a dealership, you are not alone. The number of needless tasks generated by the CRM to fulfill these processes is ridiculous. These processes when followed are non-effective and create more opt-outs than additional sales.

The Digital Downforce difference is in our solutions and process. Imagine being able to make a phone call to a prospect with true purpose… even if the prospect has not responded to one thing you have sent out, or seeing leads that never responded, purchase a new vehicle after day 30.

Our digital solutions coupled with a stellar lead-handling process delivers more qualified leads and sales than you can imagine. A bold claim to be sure, but that's how confident we are in our system. 




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