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Make the cash register ring. Generate quality leads with search, social, and display advertising -- just to name a few!

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Search Ads

With award-winning search marketing technology, we help your business be found wherever customers are searching. We generate qualified leads at a very low cost-per-click and automatically optimize your campaigns based on your advertising objectives and budget.

Additionally, not only are we one of the largest Google Premier Partners in the world, but our click-through rate is more than 2.5X better than the top tier of the competition according to Google data. We’re also an Oath Ad Platforms Preferred Partner and Bing Elite Partner. This means all major search engines recognize us as using best practices to maximize results for our clients. So unlike the Google Ad Network which reaches 90% of the population, our Network includes all major search engines and directories, covering 98% of places people search.

Our Network includes all major search engines and directories, covering 98% of places people search.

We’re also a Google Quality Account Champion, which means that our search marketing ads are proven to have the highest average Quality Score across their channel sales partners.

Social Ads

We design and place ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Audience Network, all guided by smart optimization technology and your business goals.

Our proprietary smart technology automatically optimizes your social media ad spend, so you reach your campaign goals every time.

We leverage first-party shopping data and lookalike audiences on Facebook and Instagram to deliver targeted ads to buyers, right when they’re searching. We also retarget shoppers that were browsing and left your website without taking any action.

Our social ads with smart optimization technology understand what campaigns are performing best — and shift your budget automatically to get you the highest possible outcome. The result? Better performing social ads with a lower overall spend.

Dynamic VDP Ads drive buyers to your VDP pages.


According to Facebook, it takes approximately 40 Vehicle Description Page (VDP) views to sell one vehicle. Not only did they have the data to prove it, but the number can also be easily tracked by setting up the proper goals within Google Analytics.


Our Dynamic VDP Ads reach shoppers who were active in the market searching for a vehicle as RECENT as yesterday, but no later than 14 days ago! (for perspective, Polk data is 60 days old by the time you receive it) With our data, we drive the highest quality traffic at the lowest cost per VDP view. 

When a prospect is drawn to your website, they typically visit three to five different VDPs. Once they leave your site, we retarget them with the same vehicles they looked at. 

Our Dynamic VDP Ads are the fastest, most effective way to sell more cars!

Most dealerships see a lift in sales within two weeks.

In fact, many dealers have replaced their third-party lead providers for three reasons. One, Dynamic VDP Ads are more cost-effective. In some cases, as little as one-third the cost of what the dealership was spending on 3rd party vendors!. Two, consumers are spending more time on social media than ever before and are more likely to respond to your ad in that environment than to an ad they see while searching on Google. Three, Dynamic VDP Ads keep the customer on your website viewing your inventory.

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Display Ads

With targeted display advertising, we keep your business top-of-mind with consumers, before they’re in-market, when they’re researching, and when they’re ready to buy. From video ads and branded content to geofencing and retargeting, our range of targeted display solutions has you covered for every campaign. We help you get digital ad results with our simplified, data-driven approach on both trusted news sites and across the web with our ad network partners.


We also distribute and promote used auto inventory to leading classified and social sites across the Intelligent Classifieds Network. With 250M+ monthly shoppers and over 20 minutes per user session researching inventory, we’ll put your vehicles in front of an audience that’s deep in the buying funnel. Experience analytics and attribution are broken out by publisher and campaign, so you always know where your leads are coming from.

Video Ads

Broadcast is amazing for high-impact reach — but wouldn’t you love some detailed ROI reporting on your video ads?





We showcase your inventory and offers and tell your brand story in an engaging format that drives action.

For Automotive Dealerships, your showroom inventory is used to create a custom channel on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world. We create one inventory storefront for Google to easily reference and manage from your mobile app. Not only will your YouTube channel enhance your SEO, but it will also notify you via text when a customer views your video, so you can follow up quickly and close the deal!


We zero in on highly targeted audiences of auto intenders, in addition to targeting based on demographics, interests, and life events, as well as using targeted placements, topics, and more. A YouTube Ad specialist will set up and manage your ad campaign based on your specific advertising objectives and budget. We do the work while your video ads reach new audiences and influence purchase decisions.

Digital video advertising offers the same power and value of traditional broadcast ads, but with improved audience targeting that directs buyers toward your site.

YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network on mobile alone.

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Email Ads

We design and build targeted email marketing campaigns to help you connect to the right customers. Our email campaigns are optimized for mobile and top email platforms, ensuring your message is heard and inspires action. We reach new prospects using sophisticated audience targeting based on demographics, geography, life events, and more.

44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.

For Automotive Dealerships, tell your customers about invite-only sales events and special incentive offers. Drive in-person visits and capitalize on sales opportunities with emails that actually get opened with compelling subject lines and strong calls-to-action. Our copywriters and designers know how to make your message stand out from the competition. Plus, our custom-developed email creative aligns with major original equipment manufacturer brands and ensures co-op compliance. We also facilitate OEM brand co-op pre-approvals.

Email campaign sales matchback to check your marketing ROI.

We evaluate the targeted email audience against your vehicle sales and CRM leads over a 30-day timeframe, so you can measure the influence of each email marketing campaign on the purchase decisions of your current customers. 

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Learn how to drive quality traffic to your website leading to more sales for your business.

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