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HVAC Client Receives 843 Leads in 3 months

HVAC Client Needs More Leads

This Local HVAC Company has a lengthy history of success in the Phoenix marketplace but their current marketing mix was seeing diminishing returns. They was interested in tools that would provide them leads, since their call center was effective at converting calls to service and new installation appointments.


The client has positive reviews on their directory listings and is A+ rated by BBB. With path to purchase insights from the 2017 USA Today Network Home Improvement Study and knowledge of our print audience’s use of trusted brands, the team recommended a high frequency print campaign and PPC combination to position the client to capture market share and increase revenue.

Turning Point

The team developed messaging that positioned the client as a trusted brand with decades of experience and satisfied customers in the Phoenix area. Based on initial reporting from campaign launch, the team prioritized the most successful ad positions and messaging to boost performance and deliver more leads.


• Delivered 843 leads in three months

Since the launch of the print campaign, the client has seen: 14% increase in appointments, 60% increase in jobs sold, accounting for an 77% increase in their average ticket. The PPC campaign was optimized to the top performing keywords and achieved a 23% decrease in their cost per click as well as a 15% increase in their CTR. The campaign delivered 843 leads and the client is extremely pleased with the lead-gen campaign across relatively slow months in sales and service for HVAC in Phoenix.

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