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Learn How Facebook VDP Ads Attract More Buyers

Facebook Dynamic VDP Ads are revolutionizing the way that auto dealerships advertise online. By utilizing the inventory-based social ads offered through Digital Downforce, dealers can create more engaging and meaningful ad experiences for active in-market shoppers.

The platform offers an automated approach that dynamically adjusts both the creative content used within an advertisement as well as the spending and delivery methods. In this way, dealerships can ensure that they are delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

At its core, the system works by targeting users who have searched for cars within the last 15 days. This proprietary first-party audience is made up of individuals who have already demonstrated an intent to purchase, so by using Facebook Dynamic VDP Ads dealerships can get their message directly in front of potential customers who are ready to buy.

This high level of targeting is complemented by the data contained in the Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs). Custom ads that feature vivid images and details about specific vehicles are the result. This helps ensure that an ad’s message resonates with a potential buyer on a deeper level as they can get a real preview of what they could purchase before visiting the dealership.

Dealers appreciate their ability to attribute results directly to the VIN. With this level of granularity, they get actionable insights about how their campaigns are performing and can make better decisions about their future advertising strategies.

Most dealerships see a lift in sales within two weeks of starting a Dynamic VDP campaign. Reporting is transparent and easy to understand, showing impressions, clicks, click-through rate, etc., but most importantly VDP views and the number of clicks by Vin. This allows dealers to see the customer interaction and interest in a specific vehicle.

Because the ads are so effective and affordable, many dealers have replaced their 3rd party lead providers with them. Not only do they cost less, but they also keep the customer on the dealership’s website viewing the dealer's inventory, rather than competing with other dealership ads on a 3rd party site.

Facebook Dynamic VDP Ads are a powerful tool that enables marketers to drive leads and sales efficiently while gaining greater insights into user behavior and preferences. With these capabilities at hand, dealers are better equipped than ever before to build relationships with customers that last long beyond the initial purchase decision.

To learn more about Facebook Dynamic VDP Ads, contact Digital Downforce today.

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