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The secret to success is just one click away! Vehicle Listing Ads

Vehicle Listing Ads (VLAs), AKA Google Shopping Ads, are revolutionizing the way people search for cars. Now more than ever, shoppers can find local dealerships with the exact car they’re looking for, quickly and easily.

When a shopper types in a high-intent search term related to their desired vehicle, Google will serve them an ad that includes an image of the car, its mileage, trim level, the name of the dealership, and its location. This allows shoppers to get all the information they need about a particular car without having to click through multiple links.

For dealerships, this means that their ads are now much more prominent on Google's search results page. Instead of competing with other brands for attention on a third-party auto site or at the bottom of the page, their ads appear at the top - making it easier than ever for potential customers to find them.

Not only does this help dealerships reach more shoppers; but it also helps them deliver a better customer experience. Since customers already have access to all relevant details before they visit a dealer's website or store, they’re likely to be better informed and better prepared when they arrive - leading to improved customer satisfaction ratings (CSI) and higher conversion rates.

Furthermore, VLA campaigns don't depend on keyword bids like traditional Search campaigns do - meaning that dealerships don't need to worry about constantly managing their budget or maintaining accurate bids to remain competitive. Plus, instead of competing with other brands for attention on a third-party auto site, VLAs drive buyers directly to the dealer’s website.

VLAs are transforming how people shop for vehicles - providing shoppers with quick access to just what they're looking for while giving dealerships more visibility and control over their campaigns than ever before.

Contact Digital Downforce today and see how VLAs can help your dealership reach more active shoppers and drive better results!

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