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 We combine exclusive market intelligence and automotive insights to drive quality traffic to your website and more sales for your BHPH dealership. We have extensive experience increasing quality leads that become sales at buy here pay here dealerships.

Digital Downforce

The digital era we live in is defined by a continuous and ongoing state of rapid evolution. Today’s world is personified by innovation that happens at breakneck speed and by technology that continues to reframe the competitive landscape, and the way brands and consumers communicate and engage at all levels. 

Consumers are increasingly tech-savvy, using the web and their devices with greater regularity to find what they want when they want it. Approximately 73% of auto shoppers say they are comfortable negotiating terms online, according to Google. And nearly 1 in 10 cars sold in the first half of 2020 were sold online. Compare that to 2018 when only 1 in 100 cars were sold online. The percentage of vehicles sold online increased by 10X in just two years.

The drastic shift in consumer shopping behavior is apparent throughout the auto industry, resulting in newfound demands and expectations from shoppers. While the idea of a digital experience is not an entirely new concept for auto dealers, the share of consumers relying on a fully online process for car buying continues to grow with 71% of consumers now preferring to complete a portion (but preferably all) of their vehicle purchases online.

Years of experience have taught us that BHPH dealership marketing is much more than driving clicks and impressions. It’s about understanding how the dollars you spend drive more qualified leads to your website and sales for your dealership. 

With our strategic partnership with Gannett, the largest media company in North America, we use smart technology to learn about your customer’s unique journey through your digital advertising campaigns. We help you understand your data to uncover your best opportunities, connect with customers, and build a strategy to grow your dealership. The upside for you? More efficient and more effective automotive marketing campaigns - leading to more sales for your business. 


The traditional playbook that previously served BHPH dealerships is obsolete. Fortunately, amid all the chaos and change, we have the experience, insight, and systems in place to help your business succeed. 

Learn how your  BHPH dealership is performing in your core market relative to your competitors.