Why Us

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Why Digital Downforce

We provide exclusive market intelligence and deep competitive analysis that identifies where your business should be winning but isn't.
Those insights fuel a custom-designed marketing strategy leading to more effective campaigns and sales for our clients.

We launched Digital Downforce in 2016. 

After working in the automotive, digital marketing, and advertising fields for many years, we built our company because we found that the industry needs:

Transparency - Most marketing agencies do not share their margin with their clients.

  • Our's is 15%.

  • We provide all our clients with a Client Center Dashboard that shows them in real-time exactly how their campaigns are performing, daily spend, leads, sales call recordings, and more.


Smart Data - All our campaigns are heavily data-driven.  

  • We have some of the smartest analysts around, and we look deeply into the data for all of our clients. For example, we look at the zip codes your customers are buying from, the top-twenty makes and models sales trends in your DMA, what competitors are taking market share from you if any, and most importantly, where the real opportunities are to help you grow.

Through our partnership with Gannett, the largest media services company in North America, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of digital and traditional marketing services.

Do you have trust issues with your agency?
Hey, if that’s the way you feel, then maybe it’s time to change agencies. We know a good one that does what it says it will do and is completely transparent. :)