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Why Us

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Why Digital Downforce

We provide exclusive market intelligence and deep competitive analysis that identifies areas where your business should be winning but isn't.
In turn, those insights fuel our clients' marketing strategies, leading to more effective campaigns and sales.

We launched Digital Downforce in 2016. 

As automotive, digital marketing, and advertising professionals, we built our company to address the following needs:

Transparency - Most marketing agencies rarely share their margin with their clients.

  • 15% is our margin for full service clients.

  • Each of our clients has access to a Client Center Dashboard where they can see in real-time how their campaigns are performing, daily spending, sales calls, and more.

  • If a client is ever unhappy with our performance, they can cancel our contract with a 30-days notice.


Smart Data - All our campaigns are heavily data-driven. Our competitive market share and opportunity analysis helps you spend your ad budget wisely. With ZIP-code level detail, we provide advice on smart digital marketing solutions paired with targeted audience recommendations to reach the right in-market consumers. 

  • By utilizing proprietary data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we generate better-quality leads at a lower cost. Many of our clients' lead costs have decreased by 50%. 

  • In addition, we are one of the largest Google Premier Partners in the world and our click-through rate is 2.5X higher than the top tier of the competition. We’re also an Oath Ad Platforms Preferred Partner and Bing Elite Partner. We are recognized by all major search engines as using best practices to maximize results for our clients. Our Network includes all major search engines and directories, covering 98% of places people search, unlike the Google Ad Network, which reaches 90% of the population.

In partnership with USA Today Network/LocaliQ, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of traditional and digital marketing services.

Do you have trust issues with your agency?
Hey, if that’s the way you feel, then maybe it’s time to change agencies. We know a good one that does what it says it will do and is completely transparent. :)

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